The show has outgrown the village and now attracts customers from the adjacent towns and villages, which we encourage by placing adverts in the major papers and village magazines. In the run up to the show we also put on displays in library showcases and the like for which we are pleased to include goods from our exhibitors. A week or so before the show notice boards go up all round the local road network plus the village notice boards and tourist information outlets. A large part of our client base is still the villagers themselves so to wake them up every household gets a leaflet. Local radio stations also usually give us a mention.

We print our leaflets early now so that exhibiting craftworkers can distribute them via their stands at other shows in the run up to ours. Please let us know if you can do this and also if you can usefully take a poster.

We have in the past canvassed our customers to find out which form of advertising worked best but ended up doing everything we could think of anyway.

All this costs a lot of money so we insist on the pitch fees up front and we spend it all! The only way we can then make a profit is by footfall on the day!

As you can see we have a serious vested interest in making the show a success which makes us very different to commercial promoters who typically have already secured their wages before the show even opens.

We must be doing something right because all around us shows are failing and letting in suspect goods while we can maintain our standards and still fill the hall, some have degenerated right down to little more than boot fairs. Even large professional promotions have been shrinking both in footfall and exhibitor numbers so to compensate their entry charges have gone up. We keep all our charges down, basically our profit comes from the tombola and the refreshments. To make this work your fee includes an article for the tombola, ideally worth around 5 but this is at selling price and make sure your trade mark is visible its good advertising. Our refreshments are always very good and keenly priced, be warned however we are particularly good at bacon butties and bread pudding which frequently sell out.