A very nice site - lots of useful information and they carry a link to us. The other one below seems to be a newspaper.

I’ve only just found this web-site, its similar to  ours in structure and attitude but much bigger budget. They are carrying our link in exchange. Its good to compare notes on issues such as the airport. They don’t have a lot to gain by “spinning” the information either.

A new web-shop that links t

o many high-street retailers and pays FOES a commission that can average 2 per transaction. I found the sponser, its 

Go and see how the webmaster earns his living.

A large proportion of our art & craft fair exhibitors belong and many of our local craftsmen have been accepted too.

Just e-mail your URL and I’ll check it out, for now its free to bona-fide activities!

I will always endeavor to ensure that this site is suitable for children by visiting these links first but I can’t be held liable for any nefarious activities associated with them by way of trade, always maintain computer and identity security especially with credit transactions.

NB I hate dead links so if yours dies I will remove it. If you find one of mine is dead please tell me and I’ll either fix it or bin it.